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Carlos Gonzalez Foundation was born in 2014, in order to help the childhood needed of health care. 

Carlos Gonzalez Foundation

Mision Statement

Change the lives of as many children as possible through sports and health related grants and projects that have the purpose of generating a positive impact in our youth´s community to ensure a healthy growth with the needed support to achieve their goals.

Vision Statement

At the Carlos González Foundation we are deeply committed to helping children and youth since they are the future of society; and by providing them with the needed tools for their development as individuals with high moral values and standards, we believe we can build a better world, full of people ready to go after their life goals and dreams. We want all kids to be able to access to high quality health care services, as well as sport as a recreational activity. 

We truly believe that through our actions we can inspire the little ones with honesty, discipline and love for their neighbor, since those are the same values that have taken Carlos Gonzalez, our president, to become the man he is today. This is what define us and drive us to invest in today’s youth and believe we can build a better world, with equal opportunities for everyone. 

Our history


As well as a container with medical equipment valued at $500K that was sent to La Guajira Venezuela in June 2016 and that it’s about to be handed over in August, where they will equip 3 hospitals in the region.

The list of institutions with which the Carlos Gonzalez Foundation has established a strategic alliance to keep changing more lives every day and bring smiles to the less fortunate kids include: Boys and Girls Club from Denver, Colorado Children Hospital, Colorado Rockies Foundation, Project CURE, Fundación Amigos del Nino con Cáncer (Venezuelan Children with Cancer Foundation), Hospital de Especialidades Pediátricas (Pediatric Specialties Hospital), among others. 




Among the most significant donations that the Carlos Gonzalez Foundation has made we can name the $100k grant to the Boys and Girls Club of Denver in 2015




On 2014 Carlos and Indonesia Gonzalez dream came to life: the establishment of the Carlos Gonzalez Foundation. This couple joined forces to kick start the project that they had in mind for years based on their desire to help others.

Carlos González, known for his successful career as a MLB and LVBP baseball player, has always insisted in his wish to give back the same blessings he has received by extending a helping hand to the less fortunate, either in sports or health related fields. In the same way, his wife Indonesia has been an advocate since a very young age to help the less fortunate, focusing on kids. 

This is why, when it came to building this amazing project called Carlos Gonzalez Foundation, they decided to focus in helping those kids who don’t have access to a quality health care service, as well as those who struggle with not having the needed support to develop and grow up healthily in a sport environment. 

The Carlos Gonzalez Foundation was born in Denver, which is home to their creators. However, since its beginning it has focused its efforts not only to the US but also to Venezuela, specifically Maracaibo and La Guajira. Among its activities, the most emblematic are Carlos Gonzalez´s baseball camps, multiple donations to children in need of desperate life saving medical procedures, hospital visits as well as toy drives at Christmas time.




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